In pictures: Irma devastates British Virgin Islands (photo essay for BBC News)

The British overseas territory in the Caribbean is reeling from the deadly hurricane.

Debris and an overturned car on British Virgin islands Irma – a category five hurricane – struck the islands last Wednesday, causing widespread devastation

Residents look at downed power lines on British Virgin Islands  A BBC team has been on the ground for a few hours, sending these images from an area where most communications are still cut off 

Devastation on British Virgin Islands At least five people are known to have been killed and a curfew has been imposed

Damaged houses, felled trees and an overturned vehicle on British Virgin Islands The storm – the strongest in the Atlantic in the past decade – flattened homes and ripped down trees

Local resident amid debris on British Virgin Islands Many residents on the British overseas territory have lost almost everything

Royal Engineers and Marine Commandos on British Virgin Islands Royal Engineers and Marine Commandos have arrived to help establish law and order and aid the recovery efforts

Debris on British Virgin Islands The local authorities are yet to assess the full damage caused by the hurricane

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